The self service totem for real estate products

DynamoTech helps real estate developers selling their real estate ventures, attracting clients, presenting them products and generating data about the client, through a self service totem placed either inside or outside real estate showrooms. Would you like to know more?


Problems in real estate sales

Problem 1

High cost of setup and operation of real estate showrooms

Problem 2

Lack of Information about visitors at showrooms

Our solution

The self service totem for real estate products

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Grants clients autonomy to explore the products information, and allows them to make a videoconference call with a broker elsewhere, if they would like to do so

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Data generation

Data provided for the real estate developer, regarding customers’ preference and profile, collected from their interation with our solutions


Benefits from our solution

Person 1

Real estate developer
  • Cost reduction with buldings, infrastructure and personnel at showrooms
  • Customers’ data acquisition
  • Enhanced communication about the product advantages to clients
  • Conveys the image of an innovative company
  • Ability to evaluate the visitor-to-sales conversion rates
  • Spot customers more prone for buying, allowing salesteams to focus on them

Person 1

  • Access an array of important and accurate information, concerning structural, legal and decorative matters, that would help prospects on the buying decision
  • Increased autonomy to know and evatuate products (customers’ empowerment)
  • Better decision making process (increased prospect’s satisfaction, due to a perfect match between the customer’s perception about the product and the product itself)
  • Prevents annoyance from poorly trained and inconvenient salespeople

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Real estate agency
  • The same benefits as the real estate developer
  • Improved training of brokers and sales manager
  • Capacity of spotting and dismissing bad professionals (brokers or sales managers), and providing incentives for good ones
  • Ability to provide accountability from the agency to the developer

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  • Data collection about visitors, allowing marketing actions in real time
  • Identify leads who are not ready for purchase when visit occurs, and nurture them throughout the sales funnel until sales happen, or stearing them towards another venture
  • Integration with CRM

Person 1

  • Appreciation of their work
  • Closeness to final customer
  • Ability to standardize the message to the final customer, without noise from intermediaries

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  • Customer’s filtering and qualifying, avoiding time loss caused by curious people
  • Access to relevant customer data
  • Productivity gain and increased business opportunities, due to the fact that salespeople remain in a central office providing support to a handful of different places at the same time, rather than been kept at a single showroom







ABOUT dynamotech

DynamoTech is a startup who develops and integrates technological innovation to revolucionize the way real estate market comercialize its products
Our competitive advantage


Felipe Morais Linkedin free icon

MBA – IE Business School, Madrid
+13 years experience in real estate sales

Fabricio Rodrigues Linkedin free icon

MBA - Fundação Getulio Vargas
+11 years experience in IT and business administration

Alberto Correia Linkedin free icon

Geoprocessing - Unicamp
+15 years developing IT solutions, teacher at Computer Science and Computer Engineer courses


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